Plant & Mill is a leading regional supplier of precision motion controls, mechanical drive components, precision heating, distributed control systems and precision force/torque measurement products.


Bring The Supply Difference Into Your Business.

Whatever your application, our supply solutions will go beyond just finding you a working component. We look at successful integration in your ecosystem, considering your intent in quality and how to achieve a dependable project supply - working all that to your budget. It's because our goal in P&M is to bring out the supply difference into your business. If our keen industry experience and rigorous product expertise can bring benefit to your application, talk to us. 


We believe things work best together when integrity is a central ingredient. This notion runs across every practice here in P&M in how we get people and ideas to unite.

Beyond building concepts we want to build relationships and reputation. The way we do that is making sure our actions fulfill our words.


We are here today because of people who love to build, learn and meet challenges with shared ethics and vision. 


Come build with us if you have passion and skills in the following avenues:


  • Administration

  • Sales Coordination

  • Sales (for Mechanical Engineering)