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distributor for Nanomotion in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam.




Origin: USA



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Nanomotion designs and manufactures advanced sub-system stages, complete motion systems, ceramic servo motors and components, drivers and dedicated Nanomotion multi-axes controllers.

biomedical equipment

Biomedical Equipment :: Cytopathology, cell imaging, material handling, and MRI compatible robots and manipulators are just some of the areas that our ceramic servo motor technology is currently applied. Providing the highest force per motor size has allowed the medical equipment manufacturers to reduce the size of the machine, while increasing the performance. Nanomotion's non-magnetic motors are MRI compatible, allowing motor operation during the MRI process.Information is currently unavailable.


Microscopy :: As technologies advance, the standard in microscopy today is incredibly high for documentation, education, and image manipulation. The convergence of digital imaging and microscopes is being felt at all levels of the microscopy industry, and the need for high precision systems is greater than ever. Clinical, research and industrial applications are demanding such systems, and Nanomotion's custom-designed motion platforms and motor components stand up to these rigorous demands.

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