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HaydonKerk Motion Solutions has the experience, the people, the technology, and the facilities to design a solution that will put your challenging ideas into practical motion. Our on-site technical team is ready to assist you.


HaydonKerk Motion Solutions offers a combined 80 years of design and manufacturing history in the field of precision linear motion; an indispensible asset in meeting the challenges of today’s tough application needs such as laboratory automation, medical instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication equipment, military, aerospace, and industrial applications.


  • Kerk motion leadscrews 

  • HSI motor and switches 

  • HLM stepper motor linear actuator

leadscrews and nuts

  • Kerk® brand anti-backlash nut and leadscrew assemblies easily interface with many types of rotary power sources including stepper motors, servos, brushless DC, brush-type DC, and AC synchronous motors. For optimum performance and accuracy, several patented anti-backlash designs are available, depending on application needs.

stepper motors linear actuators

  • The Haydon™ line of stepper motor linear actuators offers an effective solution that simplifies the conventional way of translating rotary to linear motion. This rotary-to-linear conversion is unique; it takes place within the motor itself therefore eliminating the use of belts and pulleys, rack and pinion, and other mechanical components.


  • Stepper motors and stepper motor linear actuators require external electronics in order to operate. The most effective way to optimize the performance from a stepper motor is through the use of a chopper drive, also known as a constant current drive. HaydonKerk Motion Solutions offers several types of chopper and microstepping chopper drives.

linear rails guides and splines

  • Linear rails should be considered when a more extensive linear motion solution is desired to lower overall system material cost, engineering time, and assembly cost. The linear rails and slides are complete mechanical assemblies that include the linear bearing, rotary bearings, mechanical frame, leadscrew assembly, and when required, a motor or integrated motor/drive unit. 

    Linear Guides and Splines are motion components used for anti-rotation, bridging spans, and additional system support and guidance.

haydon switch and instrument sealed switches

  • Haydon Switch and Instrument sealed switches are used in commercial jets, military aircraft, military ground equipment, space applications and industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions, such as gas turbines and high temperature research instrumentation. HSI switches are built to meet stringent military specifications and are re-qualified through extensive testing every three years.

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