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Kaydon Reali-Slim® bearings were designed to fill the need for a fully hardened, thin-section, anti-friction bearing - a need resulting from the modern design concepts of simplicity, miniaturization, weight reduction, and compactness being applied to a wide variety of rotating devices.


Before the introduction of Reali-Slim® bearings, designers were forced to use bushings or select bearings from the lightest bearings then commercially available, the standard "Light", "Extra-Light", and "Extremely Light" series - many of which often had undesirable cross sections, and excess weight.

Reali-Slim® bearings overcome the problems of excess weight and size in bearings, shafts, and housings.


REALI-SLIM MM™ Metric Thin Section Bearings for compact product designs in global markets.

Now you can have the competitive design advantages of REALI-SLIM® bearings in your products worldwide. REALI-SLIM MM™ Metric Thin Section bearings are the key to compact, light weight designs. They are ideal for machine tools, robots, SME equipment, medical, radar, satellite and communications equipment...anywhere that design simplicity, miniaturization, and reduced manufacturing costs are the goal.


Widths: 8mm, 13 mm, and 20mm. Bore sizes from 20mm to 360mm.

ultra-slim bearings

Here's a low profile, large bore bearing that's destined to change your thinking about robotics, inspection equipment, satellites, cameras and similar applications where precise positioning and lightweight designs are critical.


At just 2.5mm wide, ULTRA-SLIM™ bearings are available in bore sizes ranging from 35mm to 170mm for an array of applications requiring compact motion control design components.

Precision-engineered ULTRA-SLIM™ bearings are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Hybrid versions with ceramic balls are available upon request. ULTRA-SLIM™ bearings are available in angular contact (Type A) radial contact (Type C), and four-point contact (Type X) styles.

mt series

Small bore MT bearings improve your design and lower manufacturing costs of manipulators, articulating arms, lift-assists, and balancers. If you develop and manufacture ergonomic lift-assist devices, work positioners, and articulating arms, there's a Kaydon bearing that can increase your design flexibility. It's a bolt-up bearing in popular compact sizes, and it eliminates the limitations imposed by traditional king post configurations so only one bearing is required in your assembly instead of two.

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