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Plant & Mill Supplies is the official
distributor for Nikki Denso in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam.




Origin: JAPAN



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CKD Nikki Denso is a company from Japan that specialized in direct drive motor. Their product are well known among leading machine maker globally due to fast indexing motor that enable test handler machine able to achieve high UPH. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 11.14.57 am.png
HD Series.png

HD Series

High Response Type.

World class high response and low inertia type motor. 

ND Series.png

ND Series

Standard type

Popular standard type that suitable for various application due to high accuracy. 

DD Series.png

DD Series

High rigidity and high accuracy models.

Rated torque up to 2,000 Nm. 

FD Series.png

FD Series

Big hollow diameter, cheapest entry level Nikki Denso motor.

Still have good accuracy without any error mapping file. 

VPH & VCII Series.png

Servo Drivers VPH and VC2 Series

It support various communication and fieldbus such as

Pulse/Direction, Indexer Mode, Torque mode

SSCNET, CCLink, Ethercat and Mechatrolink

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