From remote industrial data collection to achieving the goal of data-driven operating efficiency, Amplified Engineering brings to market it's simple, effective solution with its FATBOX gateways. 

Legacy systems can be integrated into a cyber-physical system without doing costly retrofitting with networking enabled equipment by using the lightweight FATBOX G3 IOT gateway. With robust construct and compatibility with prime industrial protocols like Modbus or ZigBee, the G3 gateway aggregates data from sensors (i.e. to detect efficiency losses or predict failures), PLCs and meters (usage data) or cameras (surveillance) securely to a database or cloud service where analytics can mould it into a sensible, timely and actionable picture for management.

fatbox g3

Designed in Australia and Made in USA. The FATBOX G3 IOT gateway aggregates industrial data from on-site devices and networks and securely send it to a designated cloud service using either LTE/3G cellular networks or the existing ADSL or Fiber connection on site.

The G3 is compatible with the following industrial protocols:

  • ZigBee 

  • Modbus (TCP & RTU)

  • Ethernet

  • CANBus

  • RS232

  • RS485

  • USB

The G3 is an Azure certified gateway, running as a MQTT client, to send data to Microsoft Azure IOT Hub (integrated) or other cloud service like AWS.

The programmable gateway can also be applied to run local automation (edge computing) using Python, LUA or BASH scripting (C toolchain provided).

Standard aluminium case (above) and Weatherproof model (below).

fatbox g1

The cost effective FATBOX G1 router is designed for networking projects requiring HSDPA speed downloads in demanding applications like outdoor digital signage, kiosks and M2M telemetry projects - for remote or mobile M2M installations.​