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QuickSilver Controls Inc. is a motion control product manufacturer based in San Dimas, California established in 1996. QCI markets high-performance, cost-effective motion control products, servo controllers and motors for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market. QCI innovative approach to solving problems inherent to modern motion control has propelled QCI to the forefront of technology.

QuickSilver Controls, Inc has introduced several non-integrated products showcasing their unique and cost-effective motion control capabilities and user-friendly interfaces and they offer complete motion solutions including motors and encoders to help speed customer's products to market. QCI look forward to supplying a growing range and depth of products to customers.

the qci advantage

  • More Torque for Less Money

  • High Accuracy & Precision

  • Power Savings/High Efficiency

  • High Inertial Loads (Eliminates Gearheads)

  • Anti-Hunt™: No Servo Dither

  • Rapid Application Development

  • Customer-Driven

servo motors

Servo motor performance at stepper motor prices can now be achieved with advanced yet cost-effective technology from QuickSilver Controls, Inc. For the past 17 years QCI has manufactured servo controllers and high torque brushless AC servo motors at stepper motor prices. QCI offers its current line of servo motors from smallest frame of NEMA 11 to NEMA 34. Several motor stack sizes are available with different torque output and encoder feedback.

servo controllers & drivers

QuickSilver Controls Inc. offers high-performance motion control products for OEM servo controllers/drivers which capable of driving various frame size motors and also 3rd party DC brushed and voice coil motors. Multiple Communication Interfaces available for customers’ option. QCI also offers open frame design and motor winding breakout which is ideal for OEMs driving a 3rd party motor in either open loop (no encoder) or closed loop.

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