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Del-Tron Precision, Inc. was founded in 1974 when they began supplying original equipment manufacturers with the world’s first commercially available sub miniature ball slide. Since then, their premise has been to provide automated equipment manufacturers with high quality and reasonably priced anti-friction linear bearings

For more than 40 years, Del-Tron Precision has been manufacturing linear motion products which are divided into eleven families including ball slides, crossed roller slides, micrometre positioning slides, lead screw actuators, and ball screw actuators. Each product line is designed to address specific linear motion requirements such as precise positioning accuracy, miniature motion, extended travels, and high load carrying capabilities.

Hundreds of thousands of Del-Tron slides as well as other types of our linear motion devices have been incorporated into a variety of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, military, aerospace and manufacturing. 

For linear motion applications requiring special design, Del-tron Precision also offers custom solutions. From design to prototyping to full-service manufacturing, Deltron can help you achieve the perfect custom linear motion solution for your specific needs

Slides (Ball & Crossed Roller)

Del-Tron’s linear ball slides and linear crossed roller slides offer engineers and designers the flexibility to choose the right linear slide technology for their application.

Available with inch or metric holes and hole locations, these factory preloaded, low friction, light weight linear slides are ready for installation right out of the box. For vertical applications involving higher speeds and cantilevered loads please consider our Anti-Creep linear ball slides. These linear slides contain a one-piece ball retainer to maintain the position of the ball bearing retainer.


  • Low friction straight-line design reduces the coefficient of friction to 0.003

  • Factory preload adjustment prevents side-play and backlash

  • Lightweight aluminium carriage and base with high load capacity

  • Built-in holes simplify installation and component mounting

  • Available with ball slide or crossed roller slide technology, varying precision grades and corrosion resistant materials

Micrometer Positioning Stages

Del-Tron offers a wide range of linear positioners. These micrometer positioning stages and crossed roller positioning stages are available in X, XY and XYZ configurations. All model numbers are available with inch or metric micrometers and mounting holes. Most models are available with locking micrometers and all models can be supplied with our Posi-Lock friction locking mechanism to secure the table


  • Versatile - Smooth, accurate travel for intermittent motion applications

  • Travels ranging from .25” to 2.0”

  • Load capacity ranging from 4 lbs up to 160 lbs

  • Accurate Measurements - Carriages are spring loaded against micrometre heads with 0.001" (0.01mm) graduations

  • Easy to Use - Standard counterbored holes in base and threaded holes in carriage

Crossed Roller Tables & Rail Sets

Del-Tron’s crossed roller tables are known for their high accuracy and exceptional load carrying capabilities. Our linear bearing crossed rollers are available in both aluminium and steel, and the perfect choice for applications where these criteria must be met

For vertical applications or applications involving high acceleration or deceleration forces you may want to consider our Anti-Creep crossed roller tables. 


  • Accuracies range from 0.0001” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our aluminium tables to 0.00008” of parallelism on our steel crossed roller tables

  • carrying loads in excess of 2600 lbs

  • Withstands force in any direction. Alternately crossed rollers 45º angle

  • Factory preloaded for minimum axial play and low coefficient of friction

  • Corrosion resistant and Anti-Creep technology available on our aluminium tables


Del-Tron’s crossed roller rail sets (or crossed roller bearings) are compact, precision rail sets that can support and guide high loads with high accuracy, excellent repeatability, and low friction.



  • Roller diameters ranging from 1.5mm up to 6mm

  • load carrying capacities to 2800 lbs

  • High accuracy 

DL Linear Actuators

Del-Tron's DL series linear lead screw actuators and ball screw actuators offer the benefits of a space-saving design, fast and simple assembly, long life, and a competitive price. The rigid enclosed aluminum box structure provides a compact envelope that incorporates the linear bearing and drive mechanism. Integrating all components into a single unit that includes the motor adaptor saves assembly time and eliminates the need to source additional parts

Our DW series linear actuators (double wide) is engineered to create a wider mounting platform while still maintaining the same low profile height as our standard width DL linear actuators. This double wide design is ideal for applications that need a greater carriage mounting area or where axial play must be minimized.


  • Travel Length up to 410mm

  • Load capacities of 150N to 900N

  • High Standard positioning accurancy of up to 50μm

  • Positional Repeatability of up to 4μm

  • Linear Speed up to 200mm/s

  • Anti-backlash Leadscrew Nut 

Recirculating Slide Guides

Del-Tron's slide guides provide linear motion solutions for applications involving long travels and designs where space constraints must be considered. These recirculating guides consist of a block and a guide rail, both having two R-shape raceway grooves that are machined and precision ground. The block consists of a main body with two raceways and a resin return cap to ensure smooth circulation of balls. These precision steel balls roll in their respective raceway groove with contact at four points between the block and the guide rail.


  • Can carry loads in excess of 700 kg

  • Travels up to 880mm

  • Compact, lightweight & Smooth

  • Extra wide type available

Custom Solutions

Many custom linear motion applications require special design. Del-Tron Linear Engineering has the products, knowledge and expertise to help you design and achieve the perfect custom linear motion solution for your specific needs.

Based in the United States and with more than 40 years of experience, we have been providing our customers with design assistance, product prototyping and full-service manufacturing for custom linear ball slides, custom crossed roller slides, custom positioning stages and complete linear positioning systems. Ranging anywhere from a standard ball or crossed roller slide requiring custom holes or special materials to a complex positioning system, Del-Tron Linear Engineering can help.



  • Custom Medical Application ( Custom Ball Slides )

  • Custom Motorized Stage ( Custom motorized XY linear stage )

  • Custom Manual Stage (Manual Positioning Stage)

  • Custom Positioning Stage ( XY positioning stage & Rail Sets )

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