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Origin: USA



Most notable trait:


No other producer or plant has been able to replicate both frictionlessness and sealing with close to the same quality or durability as Airpot. It is truly a trade secret they own.


Airpot Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylinder motion dampers and actuators. Their unique seal-less construction and combination of materials allow unsurpassed longevity, high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.


Airpot Corp. manufactures two basic families of pneumatic actuators (shown below). Both employ our unique combination of a Pyrex® glass cylinder and graphite piston and have similiar performance properties with respect to friction, cleanliness, and temperature range.

feature products

common applications

  • semiconductor & IC processing equipment

  • web/wire/filament tension controls

  • test & measurement instruments

  • automated medical analyzers

  • dispensing & vending machines

  • high capacity mail & cash handling equipment

  • customized uses for our pistons & cylinders

why use them?



  • Provide a precise, repeatable motive or counterbalancing force

  • Apply a gentle or precise holding or squeezing force (as low as a few grams)



  • Move something slowly and smoothly-even over distances less than 0.1 inch

  • Cycle at very high speeds - up to 100 cps

Force is the primary consideration for dashpot configurations and all applications involving vibration, time delay, and velocity control.


Limits based on damping direction. Force always relates to the net load which is pushing or pulling on the dashpot. Typically, force will dictate the unit's size when the Airpot is used in the dashpot configuration.


At rest, the dashpot is a passive device and has no force output. In motion, the dashpot offers a resisting force which rises to equal the force of the input load, achieving a zero net force. This results in zero acceleration and constant velocity.



Some combination of any of these properties for a mechanism that you have an idea for:


  • Friction less than 1 gm

  • No seals

  • No lubrication

  • Clean operation

  • Thermal stability over an extreme temperature range

  • Very low mass

  • Cycle life that can range into the billions

  • No deterioration or change in performance due to age or non-use

  • Ability to respond to exceedingly low forces and pressures

  • Ability to run at ultra-high speeds

  • Ability to move linearly and rotationally simultaneously


Airpot components have been used as bearings, vacuum pickups, rate of climb indicators, earthquake sensors, spool valves, flow meters, pressure sensors, and many other uses that fall outside the normal scope of our Airpot Dashpots, Acutactors, or Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders.


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