Three things drive us: To see Relationships Built; To Showcase Quality that Impacts Performance; & To provide Relevant Value through sharp Product Knowledge and Technical Abilities.


Integrity Of Thought



No two individuals have complete identical concepts, and only through establishing a bond can thoughts be conveyed with utmost precision.

Integrity In Operation



We believe that our job is to deliver solutions that work at the level of your business objectives: in design, in quality, in supply and in cost.

Integrity Of The Heart



We believe that relationships we build cannot be strong without the heart of consideration and the integrity to do as we say.



Incorporated in 1985, Plant & Mill has since

extended sales and support coverage to other parts of Asia Pacific.


Product Supply for Operational Integrity


Our customers know that in both the critical and 'run-of-the-mill' functions of their designs, these products deliver with both peace and confidence. Our understanding of supply also goes beyond the point of conceptualizing to maintaining a reliable supply of the stock for the lifetime of the project; or to evolve as the need requires. This excellence is what we achieved by going the quality mile and also our commitment to integrity in heart and in solution determination.




From our inception we knew our foundation was about providing more-than-reliable quality

in innovative products & solutions.




Our knowledge and experience is rooted in providing solutions to the manufacturing industry: OEMs, system integrations, as well as R&D markets. 


The Art of Determination


At Plant & Mill, it's never just about making sure components in a design work. We know that success and excelling takes a broader perspective. Solution determination in the starting point when uncertainties abound is an art that takes experience, detailed rigor, product knowledge, good bonding, and last but not least a commitment and ability to align our operations with your own.



Mechatronics Integration, Custom Design, Build Modules and Engineering Improvement



  • If your need is unique, we can satisfy it with Custom Built Precision Modules. This comes from our many years of experience in manufacturing precision/quality machines and modules for the following applications:

    • Semi-con industries

    • R&D/Educational Organizations

    • Bio-medical Industries

    • System Integrators


  • We also specialize in customized designs of linear positioning stages where standard products do not meet your application requirements. Micron level accuracy positioning is achievable.


  • You can also leverage on our experience for improvements to your engineering platform. Some examples include:

    • Precision Mechanism Design upgrading

    • Retrofit Machine Modules with new features added

    • Improve machine cycle time