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Plant & Mill Supplies is the official
distributor for Danaher Thomson in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam.




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The Thomson brand of products specializes in the invention, design, development and manufacture of linear Ball Bushing™ bearings; RoundWay™ rollar bearings; 60 Case™ hardened-and-ground LinearRace™ shafting; ball screws, lead screws and ball splines; pre-engineered, pre-assembled, ready-to-install RoundRail™ linear guides; AccuGlide™ linear ball bearing linear guides; Nyliner™ engineered-polymer bearings; precision bearing balls.


Thomson brand products are used worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, machine tool, machinery and equipment, process control, robotics, automated assembly, material handling, packaging, medical and recreational industries.

60 case linearrace shafting

Extreme surface hardness, exceptional straightness and super smooth finish are essential characteristics of the ideal Ball Bushing™ or Roundway™ bearing race. 60 Case™ shafts have all these features with hardness rated HRC 60-65, standard straightness tolerances of 0.001/0.002 in. per foot (with still straighter shafts available) and super smooth finishes measured at maximum 8 Ra microinch. Combined, these features dramatically reduce friction and wear resulting in longer shaft and machine life. At the same time bearing performance is optimized.

super ball bushing bearings

Super Smart Ball Bushing Pillow Blocks available in closed, adjustable and open styles in both single and twin versions. Original self aligning precision anti-friction linear bearing with load capacities up to 4,000 lbf, and speed up to 10 ft/sec (3 m/s). Danaher offers the largest selection of sizes.


A self-aligning capability up to .5 degrees compensating for inaccuracies in base flatness or carriage machining.


The RoundRail™ Advantage combined with the self-aligning feature, eliminating the need for derating factors commonly required for linear guides.

precision ball bushing bearings

(A Bearings) Original precision anti-friction linear bearing all steel construction with load capacities up to 5,000 lbf and high operating temperature capabilities.


A coefficient of friction as low as .001. When replacing high friction plain bearings, Precision Steel Ball Bushing bearings dramatically improve machine productivity and efficiency.

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