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Arcus Technology is the leading company in incorporating the popular USB 2.0 communication interface to a new generation of motion controllers. The Performax USB series from Arcus is ideal for Windows PC based control systems from simple single axis control to complex multi axis control.

Arcus Technology's dedication to applying new technology to simplified mechanism enables us to develop user friendly products and to offer competitive prices by passing on the savings to the customer.

drivemax stepper drivers

DriveMax is a line of high performance stepper drivers. The (3) categories, A, B, and C, provide flexibility to cater to any application. This product line highlights software configurable micro-stepping, closed-loop control, as well as an integrated motor/controller/driver option.


  • Microstep Setting: 1600 pulses/revolution

  • 12 to 35VDC Voltage Input

  • Configurable Current From 100mA to 2.5A

  • Pulse/Dir/Disable Opto-isolated inputs

  • StepNLoop Closed-Loop Control using integrated encoder

  • Available in NEMA17 and NEMA 23 Sizes

  • Software Configurable Settings

micro-step drivers

ACE-SDX is a compact (3.0" x 0.9" x2.75"), high performance, micro-step driver. With a maximum current of 3.0 Amp and 500 different micro-step resolutions, the ACE-SDX is able to handle most stepper motor applications. For added convenience, all driver settings are configured with ease using Arcus Technology's Dynamic Configurator. The configurator, which connects directly to your PC, communicates with the ACE-SDX via USB 2.0.


  • Available in NEMA 17 & 23 sizes

  • Microstep setting: 16 (effective 3200 pulses/rev)

  • 12-35VDC input

  • Configurable Supply from 100mA to 2.5A

  • Built in encoder (1000 lines)

  • RS-485 or RS-232 ASCII communication with Baud rates from 9600 to 115200 bps

  • High speed position capture digital input

  • Position synchronized digital output

  • Stand-Alone programming using easy-to-use-text based programming language

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