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Renishaw offers a wide range of precision position feedback systems for a diverse range of linear and rotary motion applications.

From our range of robust magnetic encoders for incremental and absolute requirements, through to high speed optical linear encoders and precision optical angle encoders, we can meet your motion system requirements, including ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. All systems have an established reputation for ease of set-up and installation, plus minimal cost of ownership.


For ultimate accuracy in linear position feedback then look at our range of interferometer-based laser encoders.

optical linear encoder

Renishaw's optical linear encoders provide zero mechanical hysteresis and excellent metrology. The patented filtering optics withstand a variety of contaminants such as dirt, dust and scratches ensuring customers' machines fitted with Renishaw's linear encoders run reliably with little or no maintenance.


All linear encoder optical readhead and interface combinations feature a patented set-up LED which speeds installation and removes the need for complex set-up equipment or oscilloscopes. Scale is available in many lengths with self-adhesive backing, removing the need for drilling and tapping, saving time and money.

rg2 linear encoder

The RG2 is an open, non-contact optical linear encoder system, eliminating friction and wear whilst permitting reliable high speed, high resolution operation. The unique 20 µm pitch optics ensure excellent signal stability in conditions considered unsuitable for most open optical linear encoders.

optical resr angle encoders

Renishaw's RESR angle encoder offers impressive performance. With graduation accuracy to ±0.5 arc second and resolution to 0.01 arc second, the RESR suits the most demanding precision applications.

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