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Established in 1990, Hypex d.o.o is a design and manufacturing company involved in the field of industrial automation producing diverse assembly-testing machines, customized solutions and components for pneumatic and linear motion applications. Linear units with drive and controls are the latest product line developed to provide and ensure the quality, high-efficiency and good price ratio solutions for linear movement applications. To keep up with the latest market trend in demanding more flexibility and short delivery time, we provide our distributors with Linear Units in KIT form.

mrj and mtj(eco) series

MTJ and MRJ series are Linear Units with a toothed belt drive and compact dimensions that provide high load capacities, high speed, accuracy and repeatability.


MTJ ECO series is a high performance and low cost type of linear unit with a toothed belt drive and zero clearance ball rail system for simple and precise movements.

ctv series

CTV series are Linear Units with precision ball screw drive and two parallel integrated zero-clearance Ball rail systems.

mtv series

MTV series are Linear Units with a precision ball screw drive and compact dimensions.

These Linear unit can also be combined to various multi-axes linear systems and ensure an excellent price/performance ratio with short delivery time.

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