Origin: USA


Website: www.h2wtech.com


H2W Technologies, Inc is a company from USA that specializes in single and dual axis linear steppers, DC brush and brushless linear motors, voice coil actuators, and AC induction motors. The products are well known for their high speed and precision.

linear steppers

Linear Stepper is capable of high speed up to 2m/second with light payloads. The main advantages include no tuning required, low cost solution and multiple forcer can be installed in one single platen. It is suitable for pick and place application, wire bonders and etc. Linear stepper motors can be ordered any strokes up to 3.6 meters and have a continuous force up to 222N.

voice coil positioning stage

Voice Coil Positioning Stage is a compact, small footprint positioning stage. The main advantages include high acceleration, no cogging and commutation and high force to weight ratio. It is ideal for closed loop positioning applications with a short stroke where intricate position, velocity, and acceleration control is necessary. Stages can be ordered for any stroke up to 50mm and any continuous force up to 444N.

limited angle torque motor

Limited Angle Torque Motor is a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field with a force being applied into it. Small length to diameter ratio allow it to be fitted into spaces where normal motors could not.


Main advantages include no commutation, low profile and no torque ripple. It can be ordered in any angular movement up to 360 degree and continuance force until 7N.

other products


  • AC Linear Induction Stage

  • Linear Brush and Brushless Motor

  • Crossed Roller Stages

  • Belt Stages

  • Lead / Ball Screw Stages

  • Air Bearing Stages


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