Origin: USA


Website: www.danahermotion.com


When it comes to leading edge motion control applications, Portescap has a wealth of experience and innovative products to meet your most demanding requirements. We offer extensive prototype manufacturing facilities staffed by experienced engineers to assist you with your application-specific requirements.

portescap™ miniature motors

Our motors offer high reliability and accuracy, long life, and silent operation. They are also extremely efficient, enabling extended operation on battery power.


Medical applications include: powered surgical and dental instruments, ventilators and respirators, infusion and insulin pumps.


Security and access applications include: Security Cameras, locks, paging systems and bar code readers. Other proven applications include those in robotics, factory automation, HVAC, civil aviation and aerospace industries.

brush dc coreless

Our Brush DC coreless motors incorporate an ironless rotor having low moment of inertia resulting in high acceleration making them ideal for incremental motion applications.


These motors deliver torque proportional to current and speed proportional to voltage providing an essentially linear torque/speed curve.


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