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Nook Industries manufactures precision mechanical actuators, assemblies and components, including: Modular Linear Actuators, Ball Screw, Roller Screw, Acme Screw, and Lead Screw Assemblies, Ball Splines, End Bearing Supports, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, Electric Cylinder Actuators, HRC 60 Linear Shafting, Profile Rail Linear Guides, Linear Slides, Bearings and Pillow Blocks.

planery roller screws

Nook Planetary Roller Screws are used in the most demanding and precise linear motion applications. With a greater number of contact points a roller screw provides stiffness and higher load ratings compared to a ball screw. The Nook Planetary Roller Screw is well suited for applications requiring high linear force control within a compact package.

cc linear actuators

Nook CC Linear Actuators are ball screw linear actuators that provide a high performance and accurate positioning solution. These high quality actuators feature:


  • Durable construction

  • Dependable performance

  • Long life operation

  • High repeatability

  • Operation in either compression or tension loading applications

  • Adjustable limit switches

  • Lifetime Lubrication

  • Mechanical overload protection

  • Corrosion resistant exterior surfaces

screw actuators

Nook offers a complete line of standard and custom engineered ball screw and machine screw actuators for applications from 1/4 ton up to 100 tons. Standard configurations including upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifting screws. Top plate, threaded, or clevis ends are available for meeting specific application needs. Actuators can be used individually or in mutliple jack arrangements for a larger mechanical system.


A Servo-Jack is an ActionJac Ball Screw and Machine Screw Jack with Servomotors for greater control of acceleration, de-acceleration, travel rate and positioning accuracy than NEMA framed motors. Designed to accommodate any specified coupling and motor, a Servo-Jack can be delivered as a complete assembly.

  • Attach a Servo Motor to an ActionJac Screw Jack 

  • Custom Motor Adaptors available

EZLU dual axis systems

Nook EZLU Dual axis system consisting of 2 Y-axes and 1 X-axis, driven by one rotating belt. The belt runs around different deflection pulleys which are positioned by two motors. The coordinate is diagonal to deflection points of Y-axes. Small masses can be moved at high acceleration.


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