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Control Techniques' goal is to make your process smarter and more productive - whether you need a single drive or a complete system. We have a long history of leading the marketplace. All of our drives are easy to program and simple to setup. Drive start-up is quick and easy with our Windows™ based drive configuration tools. From our general purpose drives to our high performance Unidrive AC and Mentor II DC drive, you'll find unmatched flexibility and control.

digital brushless servo drives

The En-Series drives are stand-alone, fully digital brushless servo drives designed and built to reliably provide high performance and flexibility without sacrificing ease of use. Whether the drives are utilized in base drive only applications or with a closed loop controller, setup can be achieved in just minutes with no-charge PowerTools software. The use of a State-Space algorithm makes tuning very simple and forgiving. The drives are designed to operate with up to a 10:1 inertia mismatch right out of the box. Higher (50:1 and more) inertial mismatches are possible with two simple parameter settings.

fx positioning servo drive systems

FX brushless positioning servo drives are designed to provide trouble-free solutions for a wide variety of industrial automation applications. Each FX Positioning Servo Drive System integrates the position control, I/O, feedback, servo amplifier and power supply in one housing. The drive design allows the unit to operate on a wide range of voltage sources without needing expensive isolation transformers.