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Tamagawa manufactures high performance motion control products. This includes a wide range of steppers motor and drives, ranging from Nema 9. High performance AC servo motors including compact DC24V servo motors. We also provide high performance encoders, syncros and gyros.


5-phase step motors have the superior characteristics of resolution, vibration, performance and others compared with 2-phase step motors.

  1. High resolution : 0.72? for full step and 0.36? for half step. These are the resolution of 2.5 times compared with 2-phase step motors.
  2. Low vibration and smooth rotation, because the torque ripple is small and the variation of operating torque is extremely small.
  3. Fast response : The out of synchronization caused by resonance is rare in the range of low and middle rotational speed unlike the conventional 2-phase step motor, and it is capable of controlling the fast positioning by means of slowup and slow-down the step resolution is 2.5 times as accurate as the conventional step motors.


Step motors are able to start and stop, rotate and reverse.

  • Rotational angle is proportional to the number of input pulses.
  • Rotational speed is proportional to the input pulse rate. (pulse ratio)
  • Even in the state of non-exciting, some self-holding torque(Detent torque) is generated because the permanent magnet is used.
  • High torque, high response and light weight.
  • Micro step drive, high accuracy and less expensive.
  • Maintenace-free because there is no mechanical defacement like a brush for a DC motor.

Due to special OEM requirements, we are able to provide the following models:

  • TS3653N94E5
  • TS3653N95E8
  • TS3653N296
  • TS3653N199
  • TS3617N189

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