Origin:     USA

Stock Drive Products and Sterling Instrument are major ISO 9001:2000 Certified operating divisions of Designatronics Incorporated, a company that began in 1960 as a manufacturer of small mechanical products. Today, Designatronics serves a worldwide customer base in excess of 15,000 accounts ranging from Fortune 100 companies to emerging hi-tech firms.

The company's three modern manufacturing plants, totaling 139,000 square feet, are located on technology-rich Long Island, New York. There, SDP-SI's experienced workforce designs, manufactures and distributes a diverse line of standard and custom, commercial and precision grade components, as well as a full range of electromechanical devices and assemblies.

Widely acknowledged as an industry leader, SDP/SI consistently sets standards for innovative designs and advanced manufacturing techniques.


SDP/SI offers Timing Pulleys Belt Pulley Flat Belt Pulley Idler Pulley Grooved Idler Pulleys Step Cone Pulleys Plastic Pulleys Posi-Drive Pulleys V Belt Pulley Timing Pulleystock Cable Pulleys simple machine idler flat belt drive mechanical precision pulley synchronous belt drive.


SDP/SI offers vibration mounts suspension mounts vibration isolators conical bumpers damped spring mountings machinery mounts shock mount pad isolator spring isolators urethane mount leaf spring mounts ISO pad mountings rectangular mounts rubber isolators cylindrical rubber mountings Cup mount suspension mount.


SDP/SI offers Spur Gear Plastic Gears Helical Worm Miter Gears Bevel Gear Precision Gear Internal Gears Pinion Gears Rack Gears Pinion Wire Gear Blanks Metric Gears Pinions planetary spiral bevel miniature nylon machine reduction spline Gears stock industrial ground large small plastic differential custom brass rear end adjustable cam small worm gears.

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