About Us


Plant & Mill is a leading regional supplier of precision motion controls, mechanical drive components, precision heating, distributed control systems, precision force/torque measurement and cellular networking products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and China.

We support our customers with complete local and factory-backed applications and technical support for our entire range of products.

Plant & Mill's primary customers includes equipment OEMs and Systems Integrators, Manufacturers and R&D/Educational organizations.


Incorporated in 1985, Plant & Mill was built in the foundation of providing high quality and innovative products & solutions to the manufacturing industry, OEMs, system integrations, as well as R&D markets. Since then, Plant & Mill had extended sales and support coverage to other parts of Asia Pacific.


With our network of regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and China, we, at Plant & Mill, promise to bring our services closer to you. This is especially important to us as we believe in providing your needs with our solutions, fast and efficiently.

VISION : What we dream

Being focused on technology, devoted to perfection and obsessed with quality, we, at Plant & Mill, strive to be the region's best in serving industries with dedication and professionalism.

MISSION : How we approach

At Plant & Mill, we know that bonding is essential for all operations to flow smoothly. As no two individuals have complete identical concepts, only through bonding and understanding can thoughts be conveyed with utmost precision.

CAREER: Who we want

Determination, professionalism and self-motivation are the basic virtues that Plant & Mill emphasizes on. If you possess these virtues, you may be the one we want in our team.

Positions Available :
» Sales Engineer
» Sales Coordinator